Tour of St. Petersburg for guests of hotel Fabrika

Tour of St. Petersburg  for guests of hotel Fabrika
During the tour of" Night Petersburg " tourists will be able to see the Kazan and St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Savior on spilled Blood, the house of Books, Nevsky prospect, the Palace square and the Winter Palace, the Bronze horseman, Peter and Paul fortress and much more. The tour “Night Petersburg” is held in the city center, where the Neva divides the city into two banks, left and right, and connects it with bridges: Alexander Nevsky, Palace, Troitsky, Liteiny and others. Reflection of lights on the water surface and the silhouettes of famous buildings - all this remains in the memory of those who choose for themselves the mystical "Night Petersburg", full of mysteries and various secrets The city is especially beautiful in winter, when it is decorated for the new year holidays. Throughout the city hang garlands and put Christmas trees with balls in the squares. There is a legend, if a person saw St. Petersburg only in the daytime, it means that he is familiar only with half of the city. Because the second part can be seen only at night. There are no traffic jams at night, transport moves several times faster than during the day and in one night you can have time to see several areas. Such an excursion begins in the city center and lasts for several hours. It can be pedestrian, water or bus. The excursion by transport is longer in time. The excursion "Night Petersburg" is a great option for those who want to combine work and leisure. Morning and afternoon hours are dedicated to business, and nighttime is an exciting walk through one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Enjoying a night city tour without worries about where to spend the night is easy! Just book a room in the Fabrika hotel by phone 8-812-611-07-16 or on the website where you guaranteed a low price.
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